Rock & Water
Museum Professionals Inc.  
Museum Professionals Inc. fabricates various types of soil for ground forms and replicates geological formations. We can build anything from a single rock to an escarpment. Simulated water exhibits that range from a top view of a stream or pond to a cross-section of a wetlands showing above and below the water surface levels are available. These multi-level exhibits introduce a wonderful learning experience for visitors.
Rock and Water Specialties:

  • Specific geological formations
  • Streams
  • Ice and water
  • Cypress swamps
  • Wetlands
  • Above and below water levels. 
"Terry's skills are exceptional and he takes pride in the fine execution of details. He is personable, cheerful to work with and most importantly, is responsive to our concerns. He will go the extra mile to figure out solutions to our problems, big or small, always determined to deliver a highly satisfactory end product."

Tim Walsh - Director
Maureen Harding - Curator
Herbvert Hoover Library
West Branch, IA
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