Building natural history and historical exhibits isn't just a job for us, it's what we love to do.


Company Profile
Museum Professionals Inc.  

Museum Professionals Inc. president, Terry Brown, has been creating natural history exhibits starting in 1972. Since 1992 he has been working solely with museums, nature centers and visitor centers. By providing high quality innovative exhibits with every detail meticulously attended to, Terry and his associates always meet or exceed his clients' expectations.

With a state of the art studio, and a friendly, open-door policy that welcomes visits at any point, we would appreciate the opportunity to share with you  our professionalism and passion for very detailed exhibits, as we bring our respected clients' exhibit goals from dream to reality.

"I have known many exhibition service contractors during my 34 years at the University of Iowa, Museum of Natural History and you stand out among the very best. I have great admiration for your many creative and technical talents. It has been most enjoyable working with you."

George Schrimper - Director
University of Iowa 
Museum of Natural History

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