Artifact Mounting
Museum Professionals Inc.  
Museum Professionals Inc. president, Terry Brown, has installed over 4,800 artifacts in exhibits which included building custom archival artifact mounts. We build 'invisible' mounts to bring attention to the object and not the mount.

Artifacts survive the Cedar Rapids, IA flood                         
"I am writing to let you know that the African American Museum of Iowa was inundated with five feet of water from June 12 - June 16, 2008. When we re-entered the museum on June 18th we found that most of the cases in the permanent exhibit "Doorways: A history of Iowa's African  Americans" had been tipped on their sides or turned over. In some instances, cases floated across the gallery before they flipped. We were quite concerned about how the artifacts inside these cases fared. Much to our relief, as we opened the cases up, we found that despite being tipped, none of the artifacts you mounted were broken. In fact, all of the artifacts that you mounted stayed in their mounts despite what happened to the cases that they were in. Thanks to your attention to detail the African American Museum of Iowa will be able to salvage all of the artifacts that they had on display. "

Susan Keucker - Curator
African American Museum of Iowa
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


“I would strongly recommend Terry Brown. He is very easy to work with and very professional in handling of delicate objects/artifacts.”

 Tacy Campbell - Curator
 National Mississippi River Museum  
 Dubuque, Iowa 

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